Our Story

 Petals For Days blossomed out of an important chapter of my life.

It was the first time I moved out of my family home to embark on my journey of independence. Little did I know that I would be home sick. Nor was I prepared that I would come home to an empty house feeling alone after a long day at work. I reminisced of the memories of my mother planting those splendid white roses along the side of the driveway of my childhood home. The subtle beauty and grace that welcomed me home everyday after school forever held a place in my heart.

One day after work on my way home, I walked by a florist and found myself captured by a overwhelming sense of familiarity and warmth. I turned and saw a bouquet of white roses and the feeling of home rushed over me. I brought the flowers home and placed it at the centre of my dining table. Immediately, I felt a sense of belonging and joy. 

This is where my journey began. I wanted to create timeless flowers that brings lasting memories, a sense of home and warmth to everyone’s heart.

Petals For Days, Memories Worth Preserving.